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EWB UTK Projects

EWB UTK likes to focus on one region at a time, getting to know the unique area and its specific problems in what we call a 'cycle'. Each cycle, we have two main projects: a domestic project and an international project. Domestic projects are designed to be based in the USA, specifically in the southeast region. International project are designed to be abroad in any area outside of the USA.

For this cycle, we are focused on East Tennessee. Check out our projects below!

Domestic Project #1:

RV Park Design

In Morgan County, our team will be designing an RV Park in cooperation with certified Civil Engineers. The design will maximize trailer spaces and profit and create that community feel that keeps customers coming back. Students will gain hand on experience in a civil engineering setting by creating blueprints and analyzing engineering drawings.

International Project:

Peru Water Quality

In partnership with Tri-Cities, we will be to find water sources, chlorination system, water design, virtual walk down, and a long lasting distribution system in Peru. This five-year project will greatly impact the quality of life for the citizen in Peru.  Member's will be able to test their Spanish speaking skills, impact a community, and use engineering skills to solve an international problem.

Domestic Project #2:

Refurbishing Plastic

In cooperation with the Society of Woman Engineers (SWE), we will be collecting plastic across the University of Tennessee to be repurposed. We will be shredding and melting down the plastics to then be formed into a more useful product. We hope to mold this plastic into a useful item for either our use or to be used by the College of Engineering. Not only would we be benefiting our local community, but we would also be impacting the world in the long-term. Members will get hands on machinery and design experience that can be used for manufacturing in the future.

Other Events

Getting to know your team is vital in an organization. Not only does it improve communication, but it also strengthens and improves the efficiency and outcomes of the project. We try to plan bonding events to encourage members to meet others. We also believe it is important to take a moment and reflect on what we have been working on. This allows for everyone to get a chance to share their opinions on what we did well and what we can improve on in future projects. Planing a few of these events a semester can greatly improve and organization and allow it to truly succeed.

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